And sandwiches

Ham, butter, Brie, rocket baguette.
Tomato, double smoked ham off the bone, goats cheese, herbs De Province, rocket baguette.
Smoked salmon, cream cheese, red onion, capers, rocket baguette.
Tuna, Mayo, avocado, pickles, onion, tomato on plain Sonoma Ciabatta.
Smoked chicken, tomato, Dijonaise, mixed lettuce on Sonoma seeded Ciabatta.
Prosciutto, Swiss cheese, olive Tapenade, rocket, Dijon mustard on baguette.
Croissant breakfast sandwich.
Fresh baked croissant.
Free range eggs, smoked bacon, Cheddar cheese.
Breakfast baguette.
With smoked bacon, boiled free range egg, tomato and Bearnaise.


Sonoma Banana bread.
Served toasted or plain with butter. 7
Sonoma Raisin toast.
Served with butter and jam. 7
Sonoma Plain sourdough toast.
Served with butter, jam or Vegemite. 7
Ham and cheese croissant.
Double smoked ham off the bone with our signature cheese mix. 11
Smashed avo on baguette.
Yogurt cup.
With sonoma muesli and fresh berries, fresh lemon juice, mint and honey.
Sonoma sourdough toast.
With French baked eggs, smoked bacon, grilled asparagus and Bearnaise on the side.
French baked egg.
And smoked bacon roll.
Big breakfast.
Sourdough toast, Talouse sausage, baked eggs, smoked bacon, spicy baked beans and avocado.
Continental breakfast.
Fresh baked croissants and danishes from our display served with butter, jam and orange juice.
Baked Eggs in Ramekins.
Shallots, diced bacon, garlic, baby spinach, and Parmesan.


Soup of the day.
All made in house from farm fresh ingredients.
Wagyu Beef Burger.
Caramelised onion, Brie cheese, lettuce, pickle, Mayo on a Sonoma milk bun.
Nicoise Salad. Served with sourdough or baguette.
Olives, egg, tuna, lettuce, cherry tomato, green beans, potato, cucumber, basil and lemon dressing.
Tarte Flambé
Ask for daily flavours available.
Steak salad with French vinaigrette.
Pasture fed steak, French dressing, lettuce, pear, blue cheese and cherry tomato served with fresh baguette.
Bouef Bourgingong pot pie.
A French classic served in a pot with a delicate pastry top.
Lamb belly slider on Sonoma brioche bun 2 per serve.
Sonoma brioche slider, lamb belly, tomato relish and iceberg lettuce.
Cheese plate.
Choice of 2, 3 or 4 cheese (for two). Brie cheese, aged cheddar, vintage Gouda, Gorgonzola. Choice of olives dried apricots or nuts. Choice of carrot or celery sticks. Includes crackers, artisan crisps and quince paste, Hommus. Add fresh baguette or croissant.
French Pesto & Chicken Pizza Bread.
Bagette, pesto, cherry tomatoes, Mozarella cheese and chicken.
Lamb shoulder with Parmesan Polenta and beans.

All pastries baked fresh daily

Plain croissant.
Served with butter and jam
Chocolate croissant.
Almond croissant.
Assorted filled croissant.
Plain baguette.
Gluten free brownie.
Gluten free orange almond.
French Canelle.
Banana bread.
Served toasted or plain with butter
Raisin toast.
Served with butter and jam
Plain sourdough toast.
Served with butter, jam or Vegimite.
Ham and cheese croissant.
Double smoked ham off the bone with our signature cheese mix
Cinnamon roll.
Cheesecake or cake of the day.


Sparkling Water
750ml 8/ 250ml 4
Still Water
750ml 8/ 250ml 4
Coke, Coke Zero, Lemonade 4.5
Kombucha. 7
Milkshakes. 7
Topped with whipped cream, Oreo biscuits, wafer straw and Belgian chocolate sprinkles.
Chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, caramel
Mocha frappe, iced vanilla latte frappe. Mango frappe, pineapple frappe. 7.5


Iced chocolate. 7.5
Iced coffee. 7
Iced chai. 7
Iced long black. 6
Freshly brewed iced tea.
Peach or Blueberry Mint. 6


Banana smoothie.
Fresh banana, milk of choice, honey and cinnamon. 7.5
Pineapple coconut smoothie. 7.5
Pineapple, orange juice, coconut yogurt. 7.5
Green Goddess.
Mint, spinach, mango, cucumber, Matcha poweder, almond milk, honey. 7.5



All our coffee is sourced from sustainable sources. Single origin add .5

Reg 3.8 / Lrge 4.8
Reg 3.8 / Lrge 4.8
Flat white
Reg 3.8 / Lrge 4.8
Long black
Reg 3.8 / Lrge 4.8
Reg 3.8 / Lrge 4.8
Reg 3.8 / Lrge 4.8
Modified milk, syrups or extra shot add .8
Babycino. 1.5
Free with adult breakfast or lunch meal


Milk hot chocolate
Reg 4.2 / Lrge 4.8
Nutella hot chocolate
Reg 4.2 / Lrge 4.8


Tea for 1.
English breakfast, Chamomile, Lemon-grass ginger, Green China Jasmin, Rooibos, Mint. 6.5
Take Away Tea 4.5
Chai tea
Reg 4.2 / Lrge 4.8
Dirty chai
Reg 4.2 / Lrge 4.8